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Setup 1st tape $15
Setup for each additional tape $10 each
Convert Home Movies to DVD


Basic Label & Case

$8 per hour

(up to 6 hours per DVD)

Additional DVD's in a Set $10 each
Additional Copies
Copies 1-2 DVD's in a set $15 each set
Copies 3 or more DVD's in a set $25 each set


Also Available Photo Slide Show on DVD & Publishing Services

Why DVD?

DVD is the standard that has revolutionized the way we watch movies.


DVD does not deteriorate with time, no matter how many times you watch it. Using the same care applied to CDS DVD's will last for hundreds of years. VHS on the other hand deteriorates with each use, and noticeably deteriorates after many years even if you do not watch them.


DVD video and audio are superior to VHS. DVD video provides users with video that is twice as clear as VHS. DVD is capable of showing up to 500 lines of horizontal resolution while VHS is limited to 240.


DVD eliminates the need to fast forward and rewind to your favorite moments. Using the DVD Chapters that will be developed, you can skip to a particular chapter that is 45 minutes into the video in a second's time.


The DVD's that we develop for you are compatible with virtually all home consumer DVD players and computer DVD-Rom drives